Manufacturing Facilities

The Company has one of the best prepress units in Eastern India capable of meeting every deadline and has, thus, earned a very high reputation of being the best in business. The colourful cover pictures are thus reproduced accurately matching international standards.

The Company has three automatic ruling machines capable of converting more than 300 MT of paper each month. This makes the Company one of the largest converters in the country today.

Coupled with the automatic ruling machines, the Company has automatic folding machines, perfect binding machines and online stitching/cutting machines to ensure that the conversion process is always ready to meet the most demanding schedules at most competitive rates.

Given below is the view of the online stitching/cutting machine, which is ideally suited for any soft cover/stitching job. This machine is essential for proper finishing of the total amount of paper ruled during the day. Coupled with six stitching heads, this machine is very accurate and can be standardised for any product easily.

The Company maintains sewing machines for hard cover notebooks and finishes the same on the multi clamp perfect binding machines. We, also, use a bundling machine to ensure that each product is finished with the requisite perfect size. This is the main reason for the high quality of the hardcover notebooks which have established themselves as market leaders both at home and abroad.

The Company has three programmable cutting machines essential for maintaining a high degree of accuracy. Stacking machines are also used to ensure that each product is finished smoothly and that there is a quality check at each point.

The Company has invested heavily into pre and post production machinery like paper drilling machines (capable of punching holes from 4 mm dia to 12 mm dia & from single hole to four holes in a single book), knife sharpening machines, in house packaging (both shrinks and master cartons), strapping machines etc., so that at any point of time the manufacture and delivery of your product shall not be delayed for any reason whatsoever.

Shrink Packaging Machines and Strapping Machines.