Brief History

The Company was started in 1985 with assistance from Financial Institutions. Subsequent expansions had been supported by them and other Financial Corporations. Debts were always serviced to their satisfaction, thereby gaining much assistance and goodwill from these institutions.

The associate company M/s Comphotoset (I) Pvt Ltd was started earlier in 1980 and has today grown to be one of the largest prepress units in Eastern India with state-of-the-art technology. The clients include M/s ITC Ltd., Tata Steel, Hindustan Lever and every advertising agency.

The company’s other associate M/s Yasmeen Binder is today the leading manufacturer of Stationery items with brands like "Right Way" and "Good Boy", both being market leaders.

The Company’s products are manufactured with modern automatic machines that includes three rulomatic machines, foldomatic machines, online stitching/cutting machines, perfect binding machines, programmable cutting machines and automatic packaging machines.

The manufacturing set up boasts of an eco-friendly atmosphere, stringent pollution control measures and adherence to safety norms. No child labour is employed in this large set up and we are in the process of implementing international quality certification for the factories.